November 05 2013 Tuesday at 03:11 PM

Tips to stay SOBER during the holidays

Here they come again!  I guess when it starts getting dark at 5, I start to realize that they inevitable holiday "cheer" is looming.  It got me thinking...what do YOU do to stay sober during these "fun and festive family times"? Can anyone hear my sarcasm??  LOL

This will be my 7th season sober.  I will be spending it with people who do not drink and there will not be drinks around me. There also won't be any "childhood" family members around me either (a nice trigger for me).

But those first few - especially the FIRST one - was tough. I got sober October 12, 2006.  Six weeks before Thanksgiving! What was I thinking!?  And, of course, right at the beginning of the NFL season.  I'm glad I made it. Surprised, but glad.

I think back to those early holidays and I was "on my guard."  I suffered through awkward toasts and concerned looks.  Here are a few things I did:

  • I had a sober friend on speed dial
  • Everyone knew I wasn't drinking
  • I asked everyone around me about themselves (this was great to get them to stop feeling sorry for me)
  • I ate a lot of food and sweets (hey, you do what you have to)
  • I had an exit strategy

What are some techniques that you have used? What advice would you give to someone going into their first or second sober holiday season?


-Shannon Shea