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Sexy and Sober is a PROUD sponsor of, "The Mourning Hour" movie!
Watch CEO of Sexy and Sober, Shannon Shea, during an interview at The Mourning Hour Movie premiere.  

Sexy and Sober apparel is printed on Alternative Apparel.  Alternative Apparel is sold in high end retail stores such as Nordstrom.  It is a favorite brand of celebrities such as George Clooney, Gwyneth Paltro, Jennifer Laurence, and Giada DeLaurentis.  They work hard to make their clothes soft.  From classic combed and ring-spun cotton to authentically weathered burnout, they do what it takes to give each fabric their signature vintage softness. 



Shannon Shea started Sexy and Sober in 2006.  Shannon quit drinking October 12, 2006.  In just a few short weeks, she had a dream that she was wearing a black shirt with the words, "Sexy and Sober" written across the chest in hot pink.  She couldn't shake the idea and a few weeks later had a dozen shirts printed.  She decided to sell the extra shirts and was sold out in one day!  She thought, "Maybe I'm on to something here!  People are really proud of their sobriety - just like me!"  Over the next few years, the company expanded into selling a variety of apparel, gifts and accessories.

The logo is very powerful.  It is a symbol that stands for different things to different people.  Sobriety.  Empowerment.  Pride.  Accomplishment.   Almost 10 people have tattooed it on their body!  Are you next?



Sexy and Sober aims to help shatter the stigma of sobriety by celebrating it!  When Shannon got sober she wanted to yell from the rooftops how wonderful sobriety is.  She's still riding that Pink Cloud today! 

It's also her way of being a beacon for someone who may have questions about sobriety or need help.  There have been many stories of people finding help after feeling safe to talk with someone they saw wearing a Sexy And Sober t-shirt.  Sexy and Sober is not affiliated with Alcoholics Anonymous or any 12 step group.  They are a for-profit company that aims to give back to the recovery community.



Sexy and Sober has grown from a one t-shirt company to a multi-line brand.  

Sexy and Sober is proud to donate a portion of all sales to the Pink Cloud Foundation. 

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Sexy and Sober is headquartered in the midwest. 
We are spreading the brand across the world - find a store near you here.

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