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"I recently had my first experience (purchase) from the company, Sexy and Sober. I ordered a men's T-shirt called “Speed Shop”. My order came to me within a few days from the time I placed my order. It was packaged perfectly. The fit of the shirt was perfect. The quality of the shirt was absolutely beautiful. I want to commend the Sexy and Sober team for their professionalism, their communication, and for providing great value for the product which I received.

Although this was my first purchase from Sexy and Sober, I will be purchasing more items from them (very easy to use web site, greatly appreciated!) in the upcoming months, not only for myself, but for my wife! She loves the Sexy and Sober line of clothing and products.

Thanks again Sexy and Sober…’keep on rockin’!!!

Cary N.  Glendale, CA

"I would like to comment on Sexy and Sober products and services. I’ve known about and been involved with Sexy and Sober for only a short time, but have been impressed from the start with the ideals and vision that they stand for. I also like the idea that Sexy and Sober wants to help others as they grow through success.

I have supported the company in many of its endeavors and purchased many of their products and services. I have found from the very beginning that they have quality products and excellent service, and they stand behind both. I have recommended them to my friends and colleagues, and have had nothing but positive feedback from all that have done business with them. I see a great future ahead for the Sexy and Sober brand and look forward to more great ideas, products and services."

Richard J.  Orange, CA


"My experience with purchasing from this company has been nothing but enjoyable . Shannon, the owner of company is a wonderful person added to the fashion industry , it’s amazing clothing line for people all around the world who are in recovering. I have purchase a beautiful t-shirt from sexy and sober , and I get nothing but great responses from the it."

Laurie B.  Mahwah, NJ

"Sexy and Sober is more than just a business. It is a way to celebrate sobriety and be proud of our successes! Whether it is the daily Facebook postings from S&S and the people of our fellowships or its involvement with other recovery organizations, it is an all around positive experience. I have started being asked questions on what S&S stands for. My answer is that it is another symbol of our daily triumphs and that recovery is possible!"

Tom M.  Morristown, NJ


"I remember stumbling across Sexy and Sober website when a friend "liked" it.  I was fresh out of rehab and looking for the "new" me that had been buried beneath the alcohol for some many years.. Would I even like her, who was she?   Stopping drinking helped my physical appearance greatly, I almost immediately dropped 40 lbs a size 14 to a 6 in the four months I spent in in-patient rehab in Iowa. My complexion more radiant my hair longer and stronger. My self-esteem was still low. Before my recovery I hated the mirror and the reflection that my alcoholism cast upon my overall appearance. The clothes at Sexy and Sober gave me both a way to announce my sobriety and gain confidence in my appearance. I purchased a simple logo black ladies tee and a gold medallion with the serenity prayer on one side and the logo on the other that I could wear as a accessory instead of keeping it hidden in my pocket, for I am Proud to show my family and friends my accomplishment of 2 and half years of Sobriety. And maybe I am a walking billboard for someone who just needs a little extra push to lead them down their own road to recovery. Since then I have been diagnosed with alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver. Awaiting pending test to be put on "the list" for a transplant. Thanks to Shannon and the staff at Sexy and Sober for giving us such an inspiring uplifting place to shop."

Carolyn P.  Mason City, IA


"Hi kids, my name Jeff and I'm a person of the addicted type ya know..Alcohol and drugs. Been clean and sober two and half years and I'm hear to tell you about my experiences with dealing with Sexy and Sober and how it has affected my life which is most important, right? No self-centeredness on my part!!! LOL!! I got hooked up with Shannon on FB and seen they had clothing for sale and at first I thought to myself, what would people think of me wearing clothing around town or too meeting saying, “Sexy and Sober." Boy, does Jeff have a real ego problem!! Ha!! Ya know something, I really don't care what people think of me because I'm proud of myself since I've got clean and it’s a better life than I ever could have imagined. The first meeting I wore one of my long sleeve T- shirts too was a meeting of about 75-100 people. And it was only appropriate that it said on the shirt, "To Thine Own Self Be True" with a picture of a lion on top of the quote. And that’s the way I rock and I am a very proud man. People in the program young and old told me that they loved the shirt and asked me where I got it and I have spread the message right, that’s what we are suppose to do. I wear Sexy and Sober's clothing to more A.A. functions than I do my own home groups T-shirts. You know for me to wear something that says that on it, makes me feel good on top of how I already feel about sobriety. It's kind of like, baby strut your stuff if you get my drift kids, and I do. I have been treated very well by Shannon and her service to get me the products that I have ordered threw Sexy and Sober. I live way out in Iowa, along ways from California and it has been at my front doorstep in 2-3 days of purchase. Besides wearing the companies products I have gained a good friendship with Shannon which in the olden days, I was lucky if my dog liked me. It doesn't cost anything to check out what Sexy and Sober has to offer and you just might become a big fan like I did. ~~~~Hugs to all my friends~~~~ and be cool!!!!"

Jeff B.  Des Moines, IA

"I have been sober for 2 years on Feb. 20 th and what sexy and sober has brought into my life is happiness with every aspect they bring to their company and every product because there is knowledge of accomplishment when you are wearing a sexy and sober product. You should be proud to be sober and you should wear it proudly. This company gave me that option and I absolutely love it. Their shipping is easy and their website is as well. You can still be sexy after being sober trust me. Sexy and sober is a wonderful company and I will always buy my products from them because they are one in a million.  Thank you Sexy and Sober for everything you have brought into my life."

Brandi M.  Huntington Beach, CA

"Shannon was a customer of mine when I was working at my last job. To thank her I purchased some pens and stickers to give to my friends. We even did a few tee shirt samples for my business. Then came the Sexy and Sober necklace logo. I think I was the first to place an order. Usually I change up my jewelry almost daily. To be honest, I wear my EVERY day. I got and still get so many compliments.

I never met Shannon in person - we live in opposite ends of Cali. I am so happy for both of you to have a successful business going. You deserve it. If a was a yelp person - which I am not - I would give you 5 stars."

Sue H.  Venice, CA

"I love your selection of sobriety shirts and all the products you have at Sexy and Sober. So do all of my friends in the program. I really like the Sober Society and the To Thine own self be True shirts I received. The quality is awesome. I was also sup-prized at how quick I received them. Thank you guys so much for offering unique attire that helps me express my new found happiness in my life of sobriety."

Mark T.  Phoenix, AZ

"I would just like the people at Sexy and Sober to know how much I appreciate the personal service I received when purchasing a couple of your T-Shirts. Not only were the colors you suggested very eye catching, the sizing was also perfect. Thank You Again."

Richard T.  Crystal Lake, IL
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